The Rexburg Police Department has released the following information via Facebook:

"Residents may now return to their homes," the post read. "Yale and Harvard Avenues are open to vehicle traffic. The affected area on 3rd East St. is open to pedestrian traffic only at this time due to the heavy equipment that is still working. Residents on 3rd East St. will not have gas service for a while longer. When service is restored, gas company employees will go door to door to assist customers to re-ignite their pilot lights. The Rexburg Police Department wishes to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation."

REXBURG − A gas leak has prompted the Rexburg Police Department to issue an emergency evacuation for residents living on Yale and Harvard Avenues as well as the 300 and 400 block of South Third East Streets. 

"[You] are requested to evacuate until the Fire Department can determine the source of the leak and be sure that any potential danger has passed. Further updates will follow," read a post from the Rexburg Police Department. 

Madison Fire Department Assistant Chief, Troyce Miskin, said that they still have not found the source of the gas leak, and that he estimates that once officials from Intermountain Gas arrive, it could take an hour for assessments and repairs before residents can go back to their homes. 

Miskin said it is fortunate that the gas is burning right now as otherwise it could collect in the air and accumulate somewhere else. 

"We've been working with the police department and evacuated all those who might be in danger and made a safe perimeter," Miskin said. "We do most of this as a precaution."

The Standard Journal will update this story as more information becomes available. The RPD was unavailable for comment.