Eagles Nest carving by co-owner Billy Gerber

Located in downtown Lakeview, the Eagles Nest Food and Spirits was vandalized in the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 9.

Michael Acosta / Lake County Examiner | Lake County Examiner

Lakeview’s Eagles Nest has been vandalized. 

According to co-owner Suzi Gerber, a person wearing a hood and mask covering his face used a crowbar to break into the back door of the Eagles Nest in the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 9. 

While no official time of the break-in has been released, the Gerbers speculated it was sometime after 3 a.m. after the staff had gone home. 

All of the money from the lottery machines, restaurant and bar were taken and both Suzi’s and Billy’s office were gone through and a bag of change was taken from one of the offices.  Suzi reported that a bottle of Crown Royal was also taken from behind the bar and a case of the same was also going to be taken, but ultimately left behind in the escape. 

Oregon State Police and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office were on the scene looking through surveillence tapes and talking with surrounding business owners to see if their cameras could provide anything to help identify the perpetrator. 

This comes several days after the Lakeview Eagles Lodge was broken into and vandalized. 

It is unclear at this time whether the two incidents are related or not. 

Local musician Travis Riddle wrote on his facebook page that he planned on getting a bunch of musicians together for a concert at the Eagles Nest next weekend, with a donation basket set up for patrons to donate any amount of money to go back to the restaurant. 

For more information, contact the Eagles Nest at 541-947-4824.