The public restrooms at Lions Park in Driggs are in terrible shape.

Inside the small cinderblock bunker, a putrid smell permeates the dark hallway leading to the stalls, which are closed off by residential doors sagging on their hinges. The lightbulbs are burned out, wet clumps of toilet paper litter the floor, mold speckles the walls, and trash overflows from the cans. Plastic wrap adorns one toilet, warning even the bravest away.

The park is used by youth and adult baseball and softball leagues, so two porta potties stand nearby to dissuade innocent people from wandering into the deteriorating facility.

Fixing the restrooms has been identified as a priority for several months by the public works department, the parks committee, and the city council. At last Tuesday’s meeting, the council approved a $38,000 contract with CR Clark Construction for renovations. The contract includes all new fixtures, LED lighting, ventilation, an update to the layout that removes the fetid hallway, commercial-grade doors with deadbolts, and baseball-proof glass windows in the stalls.

Of the project costs, $30,000 will come from the resort tax fund and the rest will be drawn from the parks and recreation fund. Councilwoman August Christensen requested one minor addition: a standard restroom placard to replace the wooden sign that is now hanging askew, held up by only one bolt. Public works director Jay Mazalewski agreed to allocate the extra money for a new sign.

The renovation will begin within the next couple of weeks.